Associated Rubber and Mechanical is a valuable vendor to our Company, their staff has worked with us on projects ranging from simple spool pieces to elaborate cyclone headers. Their “Can Do Attitude” is refreshing and the work is high quality at a competitive price. The real benefit of working with ARM is communication; they keep us informed throughout the process and achieve the quoted ship date.

John Rodeno
Industrial Division
Manager Rampart Supply, Colorado Springs CO

Welcome to Associated Rubber & Mechanical.

World leader in fabrication and rubber lining of vessels and pipes for all abrasive and corrosive applications.

Fabricated Pipe

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Associated Rubber & Mechanical, (ARM) has become recognized as an industry leader in custom, pipe and tank fabrication. ARM provides services to customers throughout the Northern, Central and Southern America’s. Industry giants like Barrick, GoldCorp, Kennecott, Kinross, M3 Eng., Newmont and Quadra have come to rely on ARM for quality finished products on time and under budget.

From small one off projects to complete plant’s, is the standard here at ARM. Field measurement, design changes and consulting are some of the services offered for fabrication projects.

With the custom designed and manufactured equipment on site, a 15,000 square ft. fabrication plant ARM has capabilities that no other fabricator or liner can equal.


Due to the high cost of replacement parts ARM has the ability to remove the old existing rubber, ceramic, or sprayed coating to the bare metal. This is achieved in our state of the art Steelman burn oven. Product that can fit into a 10’x10’x22’ envelope can have the old metal protection removed at a minimal cost. Items that are to large can have the existing protection removed by other means. Parts then can be refurbished to new standards or patched. This realizes a substantial cost savings to the end user and prolongs the life of the part itself. After review of the wear areas, consideration can be made as to the type of protection required and adjustments made to the part as needed.


Custom built machining centers can offer direct cut grooves for groove clamping systems to standard forged butt weld type fittings to include:

ARM has developed a system that eliminates the need to trim the part and weld cut grooved tangents. This creates a large cost savings to the end user. The ability to bevel spools for field or shop welding requirements can be achieved with the same equipment and create a machined weld bevel.

Pipe can be cut grooved with a single groove or grooved for rubber lining. Lengths of spools can be from 2” long up to the standard available length of pipe. We have the means to direct groove up to 50’ lengths of 24” diameter pipe.

Grooved tangents of any length for welding to existing pipe and fittings can be manufactured with different wall thicknesses as required.

Pipe Bending

The Hines 630 custom built Induction Bending Machine has the capabilities to bend 6” through 24” pipe from a 18” minimum centerline radius to a 120” maximum centerline radius. Any degree bend up to 180 degrees can be achieved. 180 degree bends can be developed after a minimum 40” centerline radius. Tangents can be added to the bend during this process without the need for welding and then moved to the machining center for direct grooving. The maximum wall thickness of bends is 1.250”. With the Induction bending process, wall thickness loss is minimal throughout the bend, versus cold rolling where the wall thickness is stretched and thinned. This maintains the correct wall thickness and pressure ratings as required.

With the ability to bend pipe in house this gives ARM and their customers the needed faster delivery and shorter down time. Bends can be produced, machined or welded, blasted, rubber or ceramic lined and painted in our plant. Delivery to the jobsite can be done with our own fleet of semi’s and trucks. We know of no other fabricator or lining company that has or can offer these services.


Custom fabricated spools with grooved ends, flanges or branches can be fabricated from your ISO’s or details. Tanks can be fabricated with your design or ours, to API 650 standards. All quality assurance and required testing will be followed throughout the entire fabrication process prior to lining, paint and shipment to the jobsite.

All grades of steel and pipe can be welded to the required code. Procedures and qualifications will be supplied when required prior to start of project. Codes welded to include D1.1, ASME IX, B31.1.